Group Purchasing

Group Purchasing

HSIsolutions is a strategic marketing affiliate for Vizient and is focused on connecting healthcare providers to the right vendors and manufacturers to realize cost savings, utilize data analytics and apply managed healthcare solutions to achieve measurable results. We serve acute and non-acute healthcare providers in North Dakota, South Dakota, eastern Montana, and northeastern Wyoming.


A Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) is an entity that aggregates members purchasing volume to negotiate discounts with manufacturers, distributors, and vendors. Many GPOs provide value-added solutions that are unique to a member’s needs and organization.

Benefits of a GPO:

  • Immediate cost savings of 10 to 15% by standardizing products and streamlining the purchasing process.
  • Access contracts in all areas of healthcare delivery, including diagnostic imaging, environmental services, facilities, laboratory, medical-surgical products, nutrition, pharmacy, information systems and office supplies.
  • Special portfolios designed for ambulatory surgery centers, hospice, and home health, as well as long-term care organizations.
  • Subject matter experts are available to support members with unique challenges.
  • One-on-one advisory solutions identify and implement performance solutions designed to improve clinical, operational, and financial health.

What is HSIsolutions Group Purchasing Division?

HSIsolutions Group Purchasing Division is a Strategic Marketing Affiliate of Vizient.

What is HSIsolutions Group Purchasing Division’s servicing territory?

HSIsolutions Group Purchasing Division now serves well over 200 healthcare facilities in the Dakotas, Minnesota, Eastern Montana and NE Wyoming.

How does HSIsolutions Group Purchasing Division communicate with its members?

HSIsolutions Group Purchasing Division communicates with its members via Vizient regional sales reps through on-site visitation. Annually, our convention and vendor trade show, “UPDATE” is held which offers many educational offerings for attendees in all areas of healthcare. Both HSIsolutions Group Purchasing Division and Vizient use multiple forms of electronic mediums to communicate with the membership.

Harness the Power of a GPO today.