How We Collect

At HSI we've built the organization around certain principles, including recognizing the debtor as a patient and as a person. We strive to maintain our client's relationships with their patients and their community, without sacrificing our mission of collecting from patients who have the ability to pay for services they have received.

Our first objective is to work with the debtor in obtaining payment in full. If payment in full is not feasible, we work with the debtor to establish and adhere to a reasonable payment schedule that results in timely repayment of the debt. We base the schedule on the debtor's earnings and obligations, as well as the size of the debt. If the debtor is unwilling to commit to payments that we believe he or she is capable of, legal action will be considered.

An additional incentive for debtors to repay promptly is the fact that HSI. submits data to the nationwide Equifax credit reporting service on all accounts after three months. Although our clients may request that their accounts not be sent to Equifax, none have done so because of the effectiveness of this approach.

The procedures in place at HSI. ensure that every account receives periodic review to monitor a change in status. The combination of using an automated scheduling system and maintaining a detailed history file allows us to maximize opportunities for debt repayment.